SpaDay with Sade. A Hippocampus Fundraiser

Your happy hippo friends are throwing a decadent spa day to raise funds for !PuckerUP! our newest gift to the the Burning Man community.  So come pamper yourself!  Been craving a facial? Spine’s all twisted?  Want some easy answers to life’s wonkiest problems? You can have it all!  And every penny will help us build !PuckerUP! - Black Rock City’s sourest new hippo hangout. 

What are you going to friggin LOVE about this event? - uhhh - start with champagne and foot rubs.

What might you find at such a Sade SpaDay? 



Cranial Sacral Therapy

Tarot Readings

Facial Treatments

Thai Yoga Bodywork

All set to the sweet cuddly candlelit lullaby of live music and song of Sade...

The one and only AceMalaysian is gonna mix you a luscious lineup of Sade favorites.  And we’re aiming to throw you some special live accompaniments too.

What’s the catch - well, you gotta give us your all your money.

$20 entry includes one treatment token and one Champagne/Dessert Ticket

Additional treatment tokens - $15

Additional Drink/Dessert tickets - $5