Self-Esteem Classroom for Teen Girls ages 13 -17 years

Welcome to the Self-Esteem Classroom for Teen Girls ages 13 - 17!

In this class your teen will learn how to develop healthy self-esteem and confidence under the guidance of licensed professional clinical counselor Allison Loftus who has over 10 years’ experience working with women and teen girls. 

Using the tools of group discussion, art, mindfulness, and movement the girls will be taught evidence-based mental health skills for maintaining healthy relationships with their minds and bodies through the following topics:

Brain Anatomy 101: Explore the biological connection between mind and body.

Unsticking Your Brain: How to work with perfectionist, anxious and depressive thoughts. 

  • Types of thinking errors and the role guilt, shame, and fear plays in shaping our thoughts.

  • The ABC’s of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for thought management.

  • Using mindfulness and movement to regulate feelings.

Self–Esteem: Better understand my personal characteristics and feelings about being me.

  • Foundations of self-esteem

  • Personal values and strengths

  • Emotion wheel and how to work with emotions.

Self-Confidence: How to develop an assertive communication style and leaning the importance of communicating my needs.

  • Define the three types of communication styles: passive, aggressive, and assertive

  • Characterize the importance of self-care and mind and body health

  • Identify personal core needs and create an individualize self-care plan

Self-Worth: Delve into the concept that I am a valuable and worthy human being and how to maintain healthy boundaries with friends, parents, and dating relationships.

  • Explain the concept of 100% inherent self-worth

  • Healthy relationship vs. unhealthy relationships.

  • The how-to of boundary setting with self and others.

  • Barriers to boundaries.

At the end of class, each girl will develop a manifesto that artistically expresses her distinct uniqueness and hopes for the future.

Painting and movement will be used, so please wear comfortable clothing that you will not mind getting a little messy.

And of course, donuts and beverages will be served through-out our time together.

We look forward to meeting you and learning about all you,

The Flourish Team

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