Values over Violence (VoV) Restorative Justice Training

Values over Violence is a program to foster dignity through a civic culture based on forgiveness and reconciliation. It trains youth and adults to examine their emotions, learn to identify events which trigger anger and revenge, and look at choices about how to handle these events. We focus on the need to address the emotional issues stemming from violence, felt by victims, perpetrators, and the community. Without emotional and spiritual healing, it becomes impossible to step beyond violence and chart a new direction. Participants are trained to help move persons from the onset of violence through possibilities of forgiveness and degrees of reconciliation toward constructive civil engagement. Values over Violence is a Boston-based version of the curriculum developed by ESPERE, the Schools of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, in Bogota, Colombia. The ESPERE materials have a proven track record in reducing violence not only in Latin America, but also in many countries, including the United States.

This session will be held weekly on Mondays, June 10th - August 5th, 6:30 - 8:30pm, in the Chapel at the Eliot Church of Newton, UCC, 474 Centre St. Newton, MA 02458

Modules in the Values over Violence Program:

  1. Violence & Motivation

  2. From Darkness to Light

  3. I Decide to Forgive

  4. I See with New Eyes

  5. I Understand My Offender

  6. I Break Chains & Cleanse Pain

  7. I Build Truth

  8. I Promote Justice

  9. I Make a Pact

  10. I Celebrate Memory

“Against the Irrationality of Violence, we Promote the Irrationality of Reconciliation.”

“Political Culture of Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Unavoidable Challenge for Human Survival.”