Fit Revolution MarketStreet's Outdoor SPIN-A-THON

Fit Revolution and MarketStreet Lynnfield invite you to our first ever outdoor SPIN-A-THON benefitting A Healthy Lynnfield

Get ready for FOUR 45 minutesweat-inducing spin classes starting at 5pm on the hour, LIVE music by DJ Sprino, all outside at MarketStreet Lynnfield! Each class will be taught by two of our Fit Revolution's energetic spin instructors with a mix of our Fit Beat and Fit Ride cycling styles. 

We have 4 spin-a-thon groups available - find the group that fits you best and purchase your ticket!

  • GROUP A: Fit Beat with Michelle & Kara

  • GROUP B: Fit Ride with Jen P. & Athena 

  • GROUP C: Fit Beat with Nicole and Janaelle 

  • GROUP D: Fit Beat with Heidi & Amy 

Fit Beat: High-energy cycling class that rides to the beat of the music

Fit Ride: Athletic-style cycling that focuses on endurance and strength

About our cause:  The Lynnfield Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, known as A Healthy Lynnfield, works in our local community to prevent substance misuse, improve the quality of life for those impacted, and to support programs that help all young people thrive.

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