Light My Fire Presented by Dave Jenks

Staying upbeat, creative and focused can be a real challenge for any of us. Especially in the face of pressure, stress, and disappointment. But, there are proven ways to stay optimistic and in control. That’s what Dave has studied, taught and mastered. Come join him for this sharing of wisdom!

What you will learn:

  • The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship

  • Four Steps to Self-Empowerment

  • Dealing with Doubt, Distress, and Discouragement

  • Staying Calm in the Chaos of Business

  • Mastering the Skills of Personal Promotion

  • Leading Others to Stay Focused and Productive

  • Protecting Your Energy, Stamina, and Resilience

Dave Jenks is a 30-year leader and expert in the real estate industry. He is a master trainer, entrepreneur, business leader, and best-selling co-author of seven books, including The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. People love his teaching, his humor, and his wisdom. Dave makes learning inspirational and fun.