Soil Health & Water Quality Stakeholder Meeting

This meeting will convene experts and stakeholders to discuss how a clean fuels policy might be structured to reward farmers that adopt practices that improve soil health and water quality. The goal of this meeting is to provide background information and generate ideas on some of the following topics:

  • What soil health and water quality practices should be supported?

  • How should eligibility be established?

  • What level of funding and mechanism for disbursal will be most effective?

  • When and how should benefits be measured?

  • What are the practical considerations for demonstrating and accounting for soil health and water quality benefits from agricultural practices?

  • Are there ways to piggyback on existing state, federal, or private sector initiatives to reduce administrative complexity and overhead?

We hope to leave this meeting with a set of recommendations to bring back to the broader policy stakeholder group for their consideration. We also hope to ensure that if a soil health and water quality initiative is included in the policy, it will be an effective mechanism and one that will enjoy broad stakeholder support.