Hatha Yoga - 6 Class Session - Tuesdays 5:30pm

* This is a 6 session class - Register for May 28th and you are automatically signed up until July 2nd (6 weekly classes on Tuesdays at 5:30) 

* If you'd prefer to sign up by phone, Please contact Sun Acupuncture - (952) 935-0600

* Drop In Classes are $13.00  - Contact Pam before coming to confirm an open spot - (952) 465-7562

Hatha Flow:  This asana practice flows through standing postures with vinyasas and transitions into seated and supine postures designed to align and calm your body, mind and spirit. With an awareness on breath, alignment of the body and opening of the energy meridians you will cultivate awareness of the body actively building core strength and flexibility. Hatha flow is a yoga practice that balances the yin and the yang within the body and the muscles are generally engaged throughout this asana practice. This class will allow students to explore postures and gain confidence with their practice. Breathing and relaxation techniques are incorporated throughout, promoting a balance between relaxation and physical challenge.


Benefits include: Increased strength, flexibility and balance. Improved concentration and mental focus. Reduced stress and improvement within the metabolic, immune, digestive and circulatory systems.  Breathing practices will help reduce anxiety and stress as well as increase your lung capacity.

All levels welcome; variations will be given to accommodate all levels of yogis.

If you have any medical concerns, consult your doctor before joining class.

Bring a mat and wear comfortable yoga clothing.