Master JavaScript Functions

Got the basics of JS down, but need an extra hand mastering higher order functions, callbacks, and closures? Come spend a few hours with a member of the Rithm team, and we’ll help you solidify your understanding of these vitally important topics. We’ll cover what callbacks and higher order functions are, how and when to use them, and what exactly closure is.

Who this meetup is for:

If you’ve got a grasp of JavaScript basics, you can get something out of this meetup. If you’re curious about this topic and want to prepare yourself before the workshop, here is a free online course to take

Important Information:

  • Please sign up to reserve your seat. If you do not do this, we cannot guarantee you a spot! Thank you in advance :)

  • Doors open @ 6:15pm. Lecture will start around 6:30pm. Come early, get signed in, head up the 3rd floor (suite 300) grab a good seat and shmooze for a bit.

  • Bring your laptop! The workshop will be a combination of lecturing and programming.

  • If you want to sharpen your skills or review a few programming topics before the meetup, go ahead and use Rithm's Free Online Courses to prepare .

If you have any questions or concerns prior to this meetup, please reach out to the Rithm Team by emailing