SF Crypto Product Manager Coalition

The purpose of the SF Crypto Product Manager Coalition is to build community amongst Crypto PMs. Developing dApps is hard, and knowing what to develop is even harder. If the crypto ecosystem is going to succeed, we must collaborate, encourage, and support each other. Developers have robust communities, and it's increasingly important that PMs have a community too. 

In this first session, we will discuss value creation. Please come prepared to discuss what that means to you in the context of your work. How is your project creating value and how are you creating value as a product manager? This will be a great opportunity to get to know one another and set the stage for upcoming sessions. As a final note, remember that this community is intended to serve YOU so please come prepared to discuss what you are looking to get out of it. 

Don't forget to join The Discord to stay upated on the latest discussions, resources, and upcoming sessions.

*A video link will provided in the Discord channel for those not in SF to join remotely*

About the Space:
Starfish Mission is a hub for emerging tech communities with a focus on blockchain/Web3 and AI, based out of the mid-market area in San Francisco. As an organization, and network, Starfish is committed to creating spaces and learning networks for a community of builders, and doers.

Offerings at Starfish include coworking and office space, curated industry events, and education. To schedule a tour visit