Oakland California Temple Open House, 27 May 2019


  • Guest limit is 15 per reservation. To reserve more than 15 tickets, call 855-537-2000.

  • Please order a ticket for each individual who will be attending the open house event. The quantity ordered refers to the number of visitors, not the number of vehicles.

  • A valid e-mail account is required to confirm your reservation.


  • All ages are welcome.

  • The open house includes a short video and walking tour.

  • The tour will last approximately one hour.

  • Present a copy of the reservation received by email at the entrance.

  • The tour begins at the Oakland Temple ‘Interstake Center’ auditorium main entrance and will last approximately one hour.


  • The temple is wheelchair accessible.

  • Service animals are not permitted in the temple.


  • Parking will be limited, please use public transportation or carpool.

  • Please report to the lot indicated on the General Admission ticket within 60 minutes of tour time for preferred access to that lot.

  • Access to this lot is on a “space available” basis and is not a guarantee of lot parking. Please carpool and arrive early.

  • Click the image below to see a larger version of the map.

Temple Parking Lot Map