Sound Meditation at the Conservatory of Flowers (in May!)

We are so delighted to be back at our favorite gardens to gather with our community~

Come clear your mind & connect with nature. 

Walk through the botanical gardens, settle down for a soothing sound bath, and explore Golden Gate Park in a lucid state.

Admission to the Conservatory begins at 7pm. 

Our sound meditation concert [sound bath] goes from ~ 8 - 9:20. The Conservatory is yours until 10!

A sound bath is a beautiful concert that brings you into a deep state of meditation. This is a time for our community to come together and refresh, take a break from our hectic pace and bathe ourselves in loving vibes. 

Our evening will feature 38" Paiste gongs, over two dozen huge crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bronze bowls, shamanic drums, hang drums, Native American flutes, Koshi chimes, Tingshe chimes, bells, and more— led by Guy Douglas and supported by Simona Asinovski. 

During the event, participants lie down and are bathed head to toe in sound— it's a very hypnotic, ethereal experience. 

You will come away with a clear mind and a deeper appreciation for the wonder of sound. We strongly recommend this event for people who have trouble meditating, or feel like they just "can't get there." Give this a try :).

Sound Meditation Presents promotes the ancient healing practice of sound work as a way to positively affect physical health and conscious awareness.

Important Info:

Taking Lyft or Uber? Put in "Conservatory Access Road" as the location. 

Admission to the Conservatory begins at 7pm! The sound bath begins *promptly* at 8pm.

We suggest arriving at 7pm so we can check you in and let you right in.


The Conservatory of Flowers, 100 John F Kennedy Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118

**Dress warmly!*** The Conservatory starts out warm but gets cooler— wear warm clothes and socks. Bring a bottle of water because that's always a good idea.

We recommend bringing:

- a yoga mat
- (optional) a pillow 
- (optional) a blanket or two.

We will have eye masks for everyone, or you can bring your own!

Presented by Guy Douglas, co-founder of Sound Meditation Presents. Guy has been a Sound Healing Practitioner/gongmaster for over a decade! He has been involved with the healing power of music his whole life from many different perspectives: writing, recording, producing and performing. He has studied sound healing techniques & the eastern philosophy of music, which helps clear dormant pathways to open the heart. Guy is also the creator and facilitator of 'The Breathwork Sound Bath'.

With Simona Marie Asinovski, co-founder Sound Meditation Presents. Simona has been passionate about sharing sound meditation since 2012, when she created Gong Flow Yoga with Guy. She's a an ex yoga teacher, and ardent student of music & movement.

Ticket Info!

  • All tickets are laying down!

  • You cannot refund this ticket or exchange it for another date. You can, however, resell the ticket to someone else. 

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