Sport Movement Skill Conference 2019


Dear Friend in Sport Movement Enhancement,

I am grateful to announce that on Thursday, May 16th (PRE-Conference session only), Friday, May 17th and Saturday, May 18th, Concordia University in St. Paul, MN will once again play host to the Sport Movement Skill Conference in 2019. It is truly my pleasure and honor to welcome both attendees and speakers to contribute to the 2nd edition of this event with the aim of understanding sport movement behavior more deeply and advancing sport movement skill acquisition methods to another level.

As you may recall, the 2018 SMSC took on an emphasis of “Using Ideas from Ecological Dynamics to Enhance Movement Behavior in Sport.” Under that theme structure, our speakers highlighted the need for integration among and across all roles within our field. Though we will still be looking for integration from each of the respective niches within the movement skill community, our direction this year will be different…in fact, drastically different!

Within our shared field of sport movement skill behavior, we often find ourselves drawing distinct lines in the sand; specifically, as it pertains to the theories that we hold and the camps of philosophies that we stand our ground from in our practices. Thus, our theme for SMSC ‘19 will be “Meeting in the middle for the sake of movement skill.” This event will be all about ‘Cohesion & Convergence’! Crossing this bridge of uncharted waters will surely have its moments of tremendous challenge, whether it’s in the simple differences in perspective or in the form of fired-up debate. However, I believe that this workspace will represent our field’s challenge point. It is my hope and expectation that the study of sport movement behavior will benefit greatly from a more cohesive, integrative approach between the various schools of thought.

It is up to ALL of us now to finally represent this change across the profession. In my view, this needed change is to lock arms and unite based on our passions, to courageously reflect on our differences, all while also exploring our common grounds within our theoretical thought processes. There is much work to be done across our field in this regard. No matter how much further we have to go, if finding more of the truth is what drives us, we owe it to the field (and athletes everywhere) to take this outlook and embrace it.

As it was last year, I believe wholeheartedly that the 2019 SMSC will be unlike any that has taken place before. It is through each of you that we can take the steps towards cohesion and convergence within the movement skill community. I hope you will consider joining us in Minnesota this May to do exactly that and add even more momentum to the Movement!

Till next time, let’s all continue to master the art of optimizing movement.

Yours in Movement Mastery,

Shawn Myszka, SMSC President

Event Schedule:

Thursday, May 16th (Pre-Conference Sessions)

Cost: $99 + taxes/fees (NOTE: this is an extra fee on top of the normal registration rate)

Note: To keep it more manageable for a wonderful, hands-on learning opportunity for all delegates, there will be a limited # of registrations available for this PRE-Conference session (thus, be sure to register ASAP!)

Presenters: Shawn Myszka (Movement Mastery), Tyler Yearby (Life Time) and Rich White (Concordia University)


1:00-2:00pm; Lecture – Concepts of Constraints-Led Approaches and Nonlinear Pedagogy

2:15-3:30pm; Practical Application – Designing Representative Tasks with Constraint Manipulations for Agility Movement Skill Enhancement

3:45-5:00pm; Practical Application – Designing Representative Tasks in Larger Groups

5:00-6:00pm; Open group discussion/Q&A

Friday, May 17th

8:00-9:00am; Check-in

9:00-9:50am; Won't you be my neighbor?, Shawn Myszka, SMSC '19 President, 

10:00-10:50am; Creating a Learning Space, Tyler Yearby, Education & Development Specialist/Sport Movement Coach at Life Time (MN) 

11:00-11:50am; How to change movement errors, Jeff Moyer, Owner/Performance Coach at DC Sports Training (PA)

11:00-11:50am; Making Internal Moves for External Results, Cassie Weaver, Sports Psychologist at Mentally Strong Consulting (MN)

11:50-1:00pm; LUNCH (on your own)

1:00-1:50pm; Adaptability: Part 2, Austin Einhorn, Movement Coach at Apiros (CA)

1:00-1:50pm; Interactive Group Discussion Topic - What is problem solving within movement skill?

2:00-2:50pm; Lessons, Mistakes, and Successes of Becoming a Better Movement Coach, Korey Van Wyk, Kinesiology Professor/S&C Coach at Northwestern College (IA)

2:00-2:50pm; Interactive Group Discussion Topic - What constitutes information in the environment? What is its role in movement behavior?

3:00-3:30pm; Sponsor 1 Presentation

3:30-4:00pm; Sponsor 2 Presentation

4:00-4:50pm; Movement Video Analysis: Developing X-Ray Eyes, Michael Kiely, Biomechanist at TCO Training Haus (MN)

4:00-4:50pm; Interactive Group Discussion Topic - How do we optimize guidance and communication for the mover?

5:00-5:50pm; Movement Skill Activity Design, Michael Zwiefel, Owner/Performance Coach at Building Better Athletes (IA)

Saturday, May 18th

8:00-8:50am; Assessing movement technique under a complex systems paradigm, Ryan Hasenkamp, Sport Scientist at Nebraska University

8:00-8:50am; Interactive Group Discussion Topic - What is the role of the warm-up? What should it look like?

9:00-9:50am; Bobby Stroupe, Founder/President/Coach at APEC (TX)

9:00-9:50am; Different but the same: enhanced expectancies for optimal motor performance, Harjiv Singh, PhD Student at UNLV

10:00-10:50am; Reframing Player Evalution in American Football, Matt Caraccio, American Football Scout (NY)

10:00-10:50am; Interactive Group Discussion Topic - What is the usefulness of movement screens?

11:00-11:50am; Making the Shift to Perception-Action!, Tommy Flanagan, Owner/Performance Coach at Strength2Strength (CO) 

11:00-11:50am; Neurological Variables to Address Movement Quality & Performance, Tyler Kleinhuizen, of Evo Ultra Performance (MN) & Josh Hutton, of Body Evolution Fitness (MN)

11:50-1:00pm; LUNCH (On your own)

1:00-1:50pm; Using Games to Prepare for Games, Cameron Josse, Director of Sports Performance at DeFrancos Training Systems (NJ) 

1:00-1:50pm; Interactive Group Discussion - What is the role of novel movement for enhancement of specific movement skills?

2:00-2:50pm; Using non-traditional weight room implements to create variable movement constraints, Chad Henry, Physical Culturist at NME Fitness, LLC (MN) 

2:00-2:50pm; Interactive Group Discussion - What are the most confusing and misunderstood terms and concepts in movement behavior?

3:00-3:50pm; Navigating the ACL Rehab Process w/a Sports Performance Perspective, Julie Eibensteiner, Owner/Physical Therapist at Laurus Rehab (MN)

3:00-3:50pm; Interactive Group Discussion - Can perception and decision making be developed effectively out of context?

4:00-4:50pm; WHO is Skill? Ross Cooper, Individual Skill Acquisition & Movement Coach (TX)

4:00-4:50pm; Interactive Group Discussion - What is correct movement?

4:50-6:00pm; Sport Movement Skill Conference Social Hour (Location TBA)

Conference Registration & Pricing:

SUPER Early Bird; between 10/15/18 and 12/31/18 at midnight - $99.00 + taxes/fees

Early Bird; between 1/1/19 and 3/1/19 at midnight - $199.00 + taxes/fees

Conference Registration; between 3/1/19 and 5/15/19 at midnight - $299 + taxes/fees

One Day ONLY Registration for either 5/17/19 or 5/18/19 - $149.00 + taxes/fees

NOTE: Registration prior to the event is required as this year there will NOT be ticket registrations available at the door!

For a special rate for current students please e-mail me at

Additionally, for group discounts (4 or more attendees from the same location), please reach out via e-mail as well.

Cancellation & refund requests will be accepted up to 30 days prior to the event. The Conference and its associated events are subject to have any changes in presenters as well as possible cancellation without notice. In the event of a complete Conference cancellation, all paid registration money will be fully refunded.

NEW in 2019…PRE-Conference Session

Title: Designing Representative Learning Environments to Enhance Agility in Sport

Presenters: Shawn Myszka (SMSC President), Rich White (Head of Strength & Conditioning at Concordia University) and the CU Strength & Conditioning Staff

Date: Thursday, May 16th, 2018

Time: 1:00pm-6:00pm

Cost: $99 + taxes/fees 

Note: To keep it more manageable for a wonderful, hands-on learning opportunity for all delegates, there will be a limited # of registrations available for this PRE-Conference session (thus, be sure to register ASAP!)


1:00-2:00 – Lecture – Concepts of Constraints-Led Approaches and Nonlinear Pedagogy

2:15-3:30 – Practical Application – Designing Representative Tasks with Constraint Manipulations for Agility Movement Skill Enhancement

3:45-5:00 – Practical Application – Designing Representative Tasks in Larger Groups

5:00-6:00 – Open group discussion/Q&A