Squantum Youth Sports - Tee Ball 2019 Registration

Squantum Youth Sports - Tee Ball is a learning league for players 3 - 7 years old.  The league is broken into two age groups.

  1. Beginner Tee Ball - ages 3-5, where children will only hit off the tee. Games will run from 5:45 pm – approximately 6:45 pm, Friday nights for eight straight weeks.

  2. Intermediate Tee Ball / Instructional League - ages 6-7, where children will focus more on the fundamentals of the game and have the opportunity to hit without a tee, for a limited number of pitches before using a tee. Coached instruction from 6:15 pm – approximately 6:45 pm and games will run from 6:45 pm - 7:15 pm, Friday nights for eight straight weeks.

Registration closes 4/15/19. Registration fees cover the cost of equipment and Field Day events. Players will need their own gloves. While the league does provide batting helmets it is preferred/recommended that players have their own for sanitary reasons. Season begins Friday April 26th and goes through Friday June 14th.

Please note there is a sibling discount, when registering your children please select this option if you are registering more than one child within the same family.  All submissions will be reviewed.

Liability Disclosure

No insurance is available for accidents or injuries that may occur during recreation programs. SQ Youth Sports will not be liable for injuries sustained during these supervised activities.