The Evolution of Design Sprints, by Google

Design Sprints were developed at Google by a group of courageous UX leaders who were looking for a better way to work. Based on the premise of clearing calendars and bringing together a cross-functional team to focus on a clearly defined problem, they developed a structured format that utilized user-centered methods to create and test ideas quickly. The results were so effective that the methodology was codified, taught and adopted across multiple product areas. Google Ventures created an approach that was optimized for working with their portfolio startups, Google X applied their flavor to blue sky moonshots like Loon and Self-driving cars, the Ads and Commerce group optimized for large scale innovation of Google’s key revenue streams, and Corporate Engineering applied it to internal tools and processes.

In this talk we will explore the nuances of the different approaches and the way the methodology has evolved inside and outside of Google over time.

This is the Agenda for the day:

6-6:30 - Snacks and Networking

6:30 - 7:30 - Presentation and Q&A

7:30 to 9ish - More snacks and more networking!

About the speakers

Kai Haley is a UX designer leading the Design Relations team at Google, which supports design excellence for designers and developers building on Google's platforms. She is one of the founders and leads of the Google Sprint Master Academy, and has trained over 800 Sprint Masters to drive innovation across Google’s diverse product areas. She is passionate about design thinking and inspiring the UX community to effectively utilize Design Sprints for speed and innovation. Prior to starting the Design Relations team, she applied her UX expertise to create monetization opportunities in Google search for the Search Ads Team. She earned a Masters Degree in Design from CCA, where she focused sustainable design practices and creating positive impact in the world.

Marta Rey-Babarro is the co-founder of the Design Sprint Academy and the lead researcher for a new education initiative at Google. The Google Sprint Academy aims to spread innovative ways of working, putting the user first, and including all roles of a (digital) product or service. From the first day on, the Academy has been very successful. Not surprisingly, one of Marta's favorite roles at Google is being a sprint master. In this role, she has helped more than 50+ different teams to define new products and services, processes, create project visions or redesign websites.

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