Annual Investment Conference at HBS, 2019

We are delighted to invite you to the Annual Investment Conference at Harvard Business School on March 30, 2019 (Saturday). The conference is a platform for students to hear and learn from distinguished investors and to network with investment management professionals. We are thrilled to announce a great line-up of keynote speakers:

1. Jonathan Jacobson - Founder, CEO and CIO, Highfields Capital Management

2. Edwin Jager - Global Head of Fundamental Equities, D. E. Shaw

3. Pam Holding - Co-Head, Equity Division, Fidelity Investments

4. John McCormick - President and CEO, BAAM (Blackstone's Hedge Fund Solutions Group)

5. Joel Tillinghast - Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Investments

We are hosting the following three exceptional investors to present their current investment ideas:

1. Chris Yetter - 3G Dumont

2. Dennis Hong - ShawSpring Capital

3. Geordie Hebard - Barington Capital (tentative)

We will also host panels discussing the following topics:

1. Equities Panel: Late Stage Cycle Trends in Global Equities

2. Global Macro: The return of volatility, unwinding of global debt and de-dollarization

3. Fixed Income: An inflection points in a 35-year trend? What rising rates mean for fixed income markets and the opportunities created

4. Emerging Markets: Investing Opportunities in Emerging Market investing

5. Eurodollar Fireside Chat: Eurodollar, Monetary Policy and Global Liquidity

6. Equality in the Investment Industry: Promoting equality, representation and tackling pay discrepancies

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Breakfast and lunch will be served at the conference.

Questions? Please contact Pranay Ranjan ( or Tony Ji (