Birthgivers Ceremony & Partners Circle


While birth itself is very private and personal, the prenatal time is communal. Come experience the support & empowerment of the village model of care.

This class is for you if you are an expecting parent seeking expanded security, connection, and growth in your birth and parenting journey.

In one class, we revere partners.

In the other class, we revere the birthgivers.

We separate the birthgivers and the partners into two different classrooms so that each person can reflect more intentionally on their individual experience as a parent. This empowers each person to relate to and foster relationships with those who are walking a similar journey, which can be especially challenging for partners because they tend to be more private about their experience. AND, they don't have a bump! This is a fun, sacred night of connecting with yourself, as well as other parents in the community.

BIRTHGIVERS This night is all about self love. We begin with a gentle yoga flow to center ourselves. Then, we move seamlessly into a guided meditation where you get to reflect more deeply on your experience as a mother and a whole person. Afterward, you will have the opportunity to journal about your experience and do some verbal processing and heart connecting with another woman in the group. We will close our evening with a circle ceremony by setting intentions together and using our voices to raise the vibration and focus the energy. This is a juicy night infused with essential oils, balms, singing bowls, flowers, stones, and more. You will even get to take home a special gift!

PARTNERS This night is all about your confidence. You are invited to see yourself as an important, welcomed person into the birthing environment, as well as being the foundation of your family's wellness. We begin with a short guided meditation to center ourselves. We then watch a unique video that will help answer some of partners’ most interesting questions about birth and parenthood. We close the night with two activities that will help partners gain practical tools and feel informed and empowered in their parenting and partnering. Grab a tea or a beer and come as you are to this fun night of connecting with other partners in a more profound way.


Class is included in each Modern Parent Village doula's support package. RSVP on Eventbrite.


$25 per person (i.e., you don't need to have a doula!). Register on Eventbrite.



Please arrive 10 minutes early to anticipate parking needs, order food, and settle in. There is street parking, plus a small lot for compact cards.


Bring your folder and something to write with. If it is your first class, you will receive a folder upon arrival. Wear comfortable clothes (no dresses or skirts for yoga and floor sitting).

**** BIRTHGIVERS bring extra pillow or blanket to be comfy during floor-sitting and meditation.