MN ISSA Women In Security Lunch & Learn (March 2019)

You are invited to an exclusive MN ISSA Women in Security lunch and learn for women cyber security professionals on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM at Metro State hosted and sponsored by Exabeam. We will interview Joanna Hu, a Principal Data Scientist at Exabeam and Lisa Huff, Director of Sales Engineering, about their careers and paths of success in security prior to the scheduled talk around Machine Learning and AI.

Come ready with questions!

Event Agenda

  • Check-in and networking: 11:00am

  • Lunch, welcome and introduction: 11:30am

  • Presentation: 11:45am

  • Wrap-up and networking: 12:45-1:00pm

This event is designed for women leading and working in the cyber security field and all those who support them. 

Parking: Street or Ramp with a $5 flat rate

Title:  Machine learning is fun, and especially useful in cyber security!

Machine learning, or AI, may be considered as sophisticated technology which can only be understood by crazy nerds, or some dangerous technology can destroy human beings one day.  As a data scientist focused on machine learning, we want to tell you that machine learning is not either. It is very fun, can be learnt and mastered, and make our cyber security detection more efficient.  More important, it is a very suitable career for women.

In this presentation, we will use a few use cases in cyber security to represent its values and its technology (including deep learning), etc. 


  •   Introduction story: is the result of 2016 U.S. presidential election surprising? Poll says yes, but data science study says no, we will talk more about how the results were not surprising to those who understand data science. 

  •   What is machine learning / AI? 

  •   Use cases in Security: how to identify malicious actions and reduce false alarms

Joanna Hu ​is a ​principal ​d​​​​ata ​s​cientist at Exabeam​ and has been with the company​ for more than three years. During her tenure, she has designed multiple algorithms utilizing SIEM and UEBA to detect security threats. Joanna has also led machine learning projects at the company, ​which are ​designed to detect inside threat, privileged account abuse etc. Prior to Joining Exabeam, Joanna applied machine learning technologies in multiple industry sectors (e.g. health care, hardware) to improve the product quality and customer success.

Joanna obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Michigan, and also did scientific research at U.C. Berkley National Lab.  In her spare time, she’d like to go fishing and always have luck, which may be because she spent too much time in detecting Phishing domains at work.

Here's a link to Joanna's interview as a Women in Tech

 Lisa Huff is currently a Director of Sales Engineering at Exabeam where she focuses on consulting with organizations to understand their ongoing security challenges with existing solutions as well as discussing ways of providing more visibility into user behavior within organizations, and how this adds much needed visibility to analyst and SOC teams. Lisa has been in the networking and security space for close to 20 years and has worked with some of the largest Fortune 500 organizations to help them better understand the ongoing challenges they face staying ahead of threats to their organization.


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