Gaming for Everyone Community Nexus 2019

Xbox is proud to host the first ever Community Nexus event during the 2019 Game Developer's Conference! We are bringing you this event in response to your feedback. 

Last year we held two of our community networking events together in the same venue and the feedback was overwhelming. “More, please.” We heard you and are bringing the Gaming for Everyone Community Nexus, a place where all our developer communities can come together. Come to the Nexus to get the most out of your GDC with professional development resources. You will find organizations and resources that serve your communities and get a chance to meet members of other underrepresented communities and build stronger community ties.

We look forward to seeing you there and helping you get the most out of your time at GDC!


Game Devs of Color Expo
Gaming Industry Recruiters
Gaming Industry Producers
Headshot Photobooth
IGDA Games Accessibility SIG
IGDA Jewish Developers SIG
I Need Diverse Games
Streaming Experts
Xbox Ambassadors

...more to be announced!

If your organization is interested in tabling at this event to reach our developer communities, please feel free to contact us through this event page. 


Please join us at all our community networking events during GDC…


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