Disrupt Series | YPAR

Disrupt Series

Co-creating for greater impact

Disrupt is a workshop series created by youth and adults to help you reimagine your own work to be more inclusive, creative and impactful. This is more than learning how to bring people to the table, these workshops will equip you with strategies to build authentic relationships and ensure that folks most impacted have decision-making power and are centered in your work.

Other workshops include: Design Thinking (Ended), Partnering with Young People, and Evaluating for Impact. For the full series description go here

Disrupt Series | YPAR

In this workshop, facilitators will share how Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) can be used to empower and engage communities of color in organizations and foundations. YPAR, given its participatory framework, can build community power around an organization’s mission and vision. Not only does this research framework shift power dynamics, build and strengthen youth leadership, but it also can leave your organization and community with a stronger relationship to create and build solutions together.

As a participant, you will walk away with a YPAR curriculum that they can use to facilitate a youth research team within your own organization.

This workshop is for educators, organizations, foundations, and community members looking to learn more about YPAR, youth-led methodologies, solution building, and action planning.

Facilitators: Irina Barrera, Neese Parker


Individual registration for a single two-day training is $500.

Group registration for groups of 3 or more is $450 per ticket.

Bundle registration for 2 or more two-day trainings is $450 per ticket.