Leverage Your Income with Intention

For: Women; W2 or self-employed
Kailee Soderlund, Financial Advisor
Judi Ross, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

As women, we often find ourselves caught between the desire to thrive financially and the complex emotions that money so often brings to our lives. In this hands-on workshop, Kailee Soderlund of Northwestern Mutual and Judi Ross of Judi Ross Holistic Therapy will cover the foundational elements of personal finance and money management while pinpointing and changing the mistaken beliefs that hold you back.

 You’ll learn how to:

  • Rewrite your money narrative from a therapist’s perspective.

  • Set values-driven financial goals and implement a system to achieve them.

  • Manage inconsistent cash flow, pay off debt, and save tax-efficiently for the future.

  • Create a conscious spending plan (budget) that allows you to spend money guilt-free.

  • Create your own “employer benefits” package and make strategic investments in your business, including taking it fulltime.