NWG St Patricks Networking Social

Join us for some St Patricks Day fun at the Networking with Grace (NWG) quarterly networking social on March 18th, 2018 at Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom in Eden Prairie. Yes we know we are a day late!

Please note that onsite registration and attendee check-in will open no earlier than 5:30pm and we ask that all attendees must please be registered (in advance or onsite) and obtain their namebadge upon arrival**.

Old Chicago has agreed to host us for this evening free of charge but asks that we please try our best to purchase food and beverages from the servers assigned to our section and NOT THE BAR or anywhere else. They will ensure the service is up to par and have a networking social menu till 7 (this is extended to 7pm JUST FOR OUR SECTION!).

Upon arrival to Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom ask the host(s) where the Networking with Grace (NWG) Happy Hour Group is and they will point you to our section for the evening where you can sign in and get your name tag etc.***. Please ensure you sign in prior to starting your networking. We are trying to have an accurate list of attendees should we ever be asked who had attended etc.

We anticipate attendance by many of the current and alumni members. The last networking social we had more attendees than ever before, so let's keep it up! Spread the word of this event to any and all the people or groups you know that might want to join us or that are looking to simply network. If you are an alumni invite co-workers, your hiring managers, HR friends, family, anyone that wishes to network, this event is open to everyone and everyone.

**Please note that this event is free and the only cost is that of which you have for your bill at Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom. NWG will not be providing any food or drinks. This will be done between you and the restaurant. Please drink responsibly.**

*** Please check this page for further updates on the networking social and should there be inclement weather the night of our networking social or a change has to be made to the event and to see who has registered prior to the event for you to plan your evening of networking accordingly *** 


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Upon arriving at Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom Eden Prairie there is ample parking in the indoor heated parking ramp which can be entered directly under the skyway. Note that this ramp looks like its only for the apartments but its actually for Old Chicago and the apartment residents. When you pull up to the garage doors they will open automatically and when leaving you simply can drive out. There is no tickets, vouchers or anything needed. Just ensure to park in spots coded with a OC on the floor.

Do I need to have attended a Networking with Grace (NWG) Thursday morning networking or Crossroads meeting to attend? 

We are happy to welcome you and any of your friends that wish to attend our networking social. We do not require that you have attended a NWG Thursday morning networking or Crossroads meeting to attend but would welcome your attendance at our meetings if you wish to do so. Contact Wes Tang for further details 

Will Networking with Grace (NWG) be providing food or drinks at this networking social

NWG will not be providing any food or drinks. This will be done between you and Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom and we are asked to ONLY order from the servers serving our section.  Please drink responsibly and pay your server

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes please bring a copy of your registration / ticket. This will allow us to better track attendance and report back to those that wish to know who has attended.