A Brand NEW Holy Shift! Finding Your Cool When You've Lost It

A 4-part Lunchtime LAB Series:

The first 2 sessions are about Boundaries:

LAB #1Relationship Boundaries: How To Set Boundaries. And Hold Them.  

How do I set boundaries? Hold Boundaries? How do I even know where the boundaries are? Wait, what even are boundaries? And how will I assert them if I am afraid of the conflict that will ensue? Monday 3.18.19

LAB #2Emotional Boundaries: Find out about how to untangle yourself from the feelings of others so they don't feel smothered by you and you don't feel burdened by them.

Feeling tangled up in the difficult feelings and experiences of those we love can feel burdensome, keeping us in a place of feeling responsible for other's feelings, pre-occupied with changing them and responsible for fixing them as well. This can really complicate relationships and add unwanted tension. Find out how to untangle emotionally to bring new freedom to you and your relationships. Monday 3.25.19

The last 2 sessions are about the amazing science of Poly Vagal Theory:

LAB #3 - Turning Reactivity into Responsivity: A Brand New Path to working with your nervous system to steady you and ready you for anything that comes your way.

Learn an incredible piece of information for understanding and working with your nervous system to help yourself spend more time feeling centered and grounded and less time feeling shut down, anxious or in a fight/flight state. Monday 4.15.19 

LAB #4Returning to Baseline: Climbing up and out of an Emotional Ditch.

Recovering a sense of balance or centeredness after an upset and returning to feeling connected and joyful after a breakdown is the holy grail of self regulation. Learn how to do this in a self compassionate and non-judgemental way in this series. Monday 4.22.19 

All four LABs are on Monday 3/18, 3/25, 4/15, and 4/22 from 11:00am - 12:30pm. Your single ticket is for the full series and is non-transferrable.