CALIFORNIA: Landed Info Session - Jefferson Union High School District

Jefferson Union HSD is identifying innovative ways to help employees manage one of the biggest challenges they face outside of work – finding sustainable housing in this expensive area. One of the options we have available is down payment support through a Bay Area company called Landed. 

How Landed works:

  • This program is open to all JUHSD employees and is available immediately.

  • Participants must have at least two years’ experience in a public school district and also agree to stay with our district for the next two years.

  • Employees can end the partnership at any time within 30 years by buying out the Landed investment directly or by refinancing. At that time, participants pay back Landed’s original investment plus or minus a share of the gain (or loss) in the home value.

  • Participants can use up to $120,000 in down payment support.

  • The home must be used as a primary residence.

  • Participants must qualify for a primary mortgage with one of Landed’s lending partners. To qualify, participants must have access to savings or family gifts to contribute their own 10% down payment. Participants do not need to be first-time homebuyers.

  • There are no explicit restrictions on home purchase location, however, all homebuyers are encouraged to consider the cost of commuting when making their decision and some rural areas may not qualify.

  • Details:

Can't attend the info session, or want to connect with Landed before the info session? Sign up at to get started.