Sharing an Online Roadmap for Social Responsibility Guidance in the Seafood Industry

Businesses are increasingly focused on labor conditions in their supply chains. But knowing a problem may exist isn’t the same as addressing it. We invite you to RSVP for a FishWise-led session Sharing an Online Roadmap for Social Responsibility Guidance in the Seafood Industry” on March 18th, featuring the public launch of a new online platform to clarify recommendations for companies working towards socially responsible seafood. 

Developed with support from the Walmart Foundation and designed for the industry, the Roadmap for Improving Seafood Ethics (RISE) makes better social responsibility performance easier. It offers tailored advice for producers, processors, brands, and retailers on building, assessing, and improving socially responsible practices in seafood supply chains. 

RISE is a free, open access website featuring a series of steps that companies may take. Each step offers practical tools to help companies implement the recommendations and track progress. RISE also offers connections to real people at organizations with deep expertise in understanding and improving labor practices.

In this hands-on, interactive session, participants will:

  • See how RISE provides actionable step-by-step guidance;

  • Learn from Verité and Issara Institute about key topics, like responsible recruitment, worker voice, and risk mitigation;

  • Hear from industry representatives about how their companies benefit from using the Roadmap; and

  • Have the opportunity to ask questions directly to experts with experience implementing social responsibility with companies.