Women, Aging and Friendship: A Follow-up Series (Online Payment)

For 10 women who have participated in either a 3-week, 4-week or 7-month Women, Aging and Friendship Series. It is First Come, First Served.

This workshop will be made up of people who want to deepen their exploration of the many issues related to women, friendship and aging.  It is designed to bring women from the various groups together in a new constellation thereby opening up new experiences, new perspectives and stretching the muscle of meeting new people. This will allow us to do some of the same exercises as before but with new people and it can provide additional support during this time of life.

In this series, we will look deeper into making new friends, the structures that help, and the barriers that inhibit us.  We will explore commitments in friendship, conflict and its relationship to intimacy.  We will delve into how to be with friends who are ill, disabled, and at end of life, and what we expect around this and what we want to give and receive. We will talk about the impact of people being out-of-town for parts of the year, the world of social media and its role, both negative and positive, in our relationships both close to home and long distance.  Participants will also bring to the group issues they want to discuss. 

Videos, poetry, story, imagery and small/large group exercises will be utilized.