TWCS academic conferences in Cuba

The academic conference is one of the excellent ways to improve knowledge and keep you updated with the latest research in your field. Texila e-Conference, the conference wing of Texila American University has been conducting online conferences since 2014 and has so far attracted over 15000 attendees to its series of event.

The upcoming event TWCS academic conferences in Cuba is aimed to bring together leading researchers, academicians, doctorates, peers, and scientists from multi-disciplinary domains. It is an online conference

TWCS academic conferences in Cuba takes place from 10th to 13th December 2018. It is an online event being streamed live and also available on demand. It’s the one of the best International academic conference event for research scholars, academicians and professionals in Cuba you can’t afford to miss. TWCS gives you the feasibility to learn and share ideas through an online platform.

The theme for the event is "Transformation: The Creative Potential of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Knowledge Exchange"

Last year, scholars and academicians from 95 countries have taken part in the event. This year, we expect the number to rise. Since it is an online conference, you can take part in the event from your home/office. All you have to do is Register and Get started.

Here are the topics in which you can do the presentation:

Why should you take part in TWCS academic conferences in Cuba?

Attend Texila’s 5th World conference and get the opportunity to showcase your skills, interact with like-minded people and get wisdom from people across the globe.