WMCC December: When Generations Connect

SPECIAL 90 MINUTE PROGRAM: Come at 7:30am to enjoy coffee and holiday treats. The special 90-minute program begins at 8:00am. 

WMCC is wrapping up its 3-part series on diversity with a seminar on generational dynamics, which are more complex than ever before. Baby Boomers are delaying retirement, Gen Xers are vying for leadership positions, Millennials are still trying to shed harmful stereotypes, and Gen Zers are trickling into the workforce and bringing their fierce competitive drive. Everyone is feeling the pain as they flex to accommodate distinct communication and collaboration preferences, among other generational differences.

This program cuts through all the clutter and examines where each generation came from and why they behave the way they do. By presenting the tools to more effectively work across generational divides, we’ll show you how to turn generational diversity from an obstacle into an opportunity.

The presenter Farah Habad is a keynote speaker and consultant with Wayzata-based BridgeWorks. A Gen Z/Millennial cusper, Farah strongly believes that human beings derive meaning from narrative. He peels back some of the layers of our collective experiences to better explain the "why" behind the "what." 

BridgeWorks, which dedicates its work to the study of generational differences, is behind the book, Managing Millennials For Dummies (Wiley Publishers, 2017), and has published results of a comprehensive national survey of the next generations to hit the workforce—3G: Connecting with Three Young Segments in the Workplace. For more information, visit