Machine Learning -- Go from Hype to Your Roadmap

Machine Learning…..Something you’ve seen heralded as everything from the harbinger of the end of the world to enabling previously impossible technological feats!

Machine Learning is here to stay and will change the face of your industry, it’s just a question of how and when.

As product professionals, how do we distinguish the hype from the utility? How can we leverage this exciting technology to build delighting feature sets and get a leg up on the competition?

Invite your colleagues and Join BPMA as we learn from local product professionals who are harnessing Machine Learning today.  We’ll take on the below points for you to take back to your team:

  • What can Machine Learning do for my product and customers today?

  • How do I enable my product/tech organization to get started on Machine Learning

  • What common pitfalls to avoid while incorporating Machine Learning into my product development cycle


John Roberts - Head of Product, Focal

Tim Fu - Group Product Manager, FirstFuel

Chandi Kodthiwada - Sr Product Manager, Comprehend Systems

Dan Abdinoor - CTO, Fritz Labs


6:00-6:45 -- Networking

6:45-7:45 -- Speaker Presentations

7:45-8:15 -- Q&A

8:15-9:00 -- Networking and dismissal


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