Mindfulness Meditation and Dharma Talks

Awaken your mind and life to the power of mindfulness and the teachings of the Buddha offered in a modern context. Join us every Sunday from 9am  - 10:30 am at 1162 Selby Avenue St Paul for Mindfulness Meditation Classes. We offer dharma teachings, contemplations and guided meditations that open the heart and mind to a deeper joy and awarenes. Discover the freedom that mindfulness brings from unconscious reactivity to thoughts and emotions. Classes are offered by donation/generosity. 

Each class begins with a teaching and contemplation on a particular topic of interest, for example, loving kindness and relationships, practicing compassion, equanimity, forgiveness, empowerment, being free of anxiety, depression, guilt and shame and many other relevant topics. Contemplation then flows into guided meditation followed by questions and answers.

Wise and compassionate teachers offer crystal clear instruction on how to meditate with ease and integrate the practical and powerful applications of Mindfulness into your daily life, relationships and career in a meaningful and transformative way.

Classes are catered to both those that are wishing to begin mindfulness practice and those that have been practitioners for many years. Our seasoned teachers, teach in such a way that each person is met at the level of understanding they bring.

Mindfulness Meditation Centers offers all classes by generosity only, which means that there is no prescribed fee for classes and we ask that each individual donates according to their means and conscience.

If you have not attended classes before - please feel free to attend- our teachers teach in a way that meets every person at their level of practice.

All are welcome, we are a diverse and inclusive community and share a wide variety of perspectives through the teachings.