Eid Festival (celebration of Muslim holidays)

Eid Mubarak with a cresent and a star                                                                                         

Please note time change for Eid Festival.


(celebration of Muslim holidays)

This Holiday Season:

 Please join us to experience how Muslims celebrate their holidays

A Holiday to build a “Beloved Community.”

All faiths encourage their followers to love their neighbors.

To love our neighbors, “WE MUST KNOW OUR NEIGHBORS”

“National Know your neighbors” is AMV Foundation’s campaign to build a culture of hope, inclusion and peace.  We are encouraging all Americans to move “From Fear to Friendship.”

Highlights of the Festival:

Complimentary Gourmet Pakistani meal Desserts from around the world,
Interfaith panel sharing religious holidays and favorite memories, cultural performances, Mehndi Tattoos (Henna) 
Have fun dressing up  with ethnic dresses, enactment of Eid visit to friend's home and Bangles for girls.

Sponsor: American Muslim Voice Foundation
Co-Sponsor: City of Palo Alto “Know your neighbors grant”  &  more
Host: Samina Sundas, and First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto