Farm-to-KITCHEN Cooking Class: Athens vs. Santorini, Greece

Farm-to-KITCHEN Cooking Class: Athens vs. Santorini, Greece

Presented by The Trustees

It's all Greek to us! This fall, The KITCHEN at the Boston Public Market is bringing some sunshine into your cooking with TWO traditional menus from Greece. One menu focuses on classic flavors from inland recipes and the other showcases fresh-caught fish prepared in a coastal tradition. Travel with us to the heart of Greece and the far flung isle of Santorini and soak up the fresh flavors, spices, and techniques that would make your γιαγιά (grandma) proud.

Learn how to cook new flavors with a seasonal & local twist on the traditional flavors at our Farm-to-KITCHEN Cooking class! In this lively, hands-on cooking class you’ll learn how to utilize the produce and products of the farmers and artisans of the Boston Public Market. Guided by Chef Alexis you’ll create an exciting three-course meal based on seasonal, local food, and increase your comfort in the kitchen through new knife skills, techniques, and flavor profiles.

In addition to learning a new cooking style, you'll enjoy tastes of three local New England wines that pair perfectly with recipes we’ll be making, courtesy of The Massachusetts Wine Shop.

Come ready to roll up your sleeves and get cooking!  


  • Saturday, October 13 from 5:00-7:00 pm | Santorini

  • Sunday, October 21 from 4:00-6:00 pm | Santorini

  • Sunday, December 9 from 1:00-3:00 pm | Athens

  • Saturday, December 15 from 5:00-7:00 pm | Athens

  • Sunday, December 30 from 4:00-6:00 pm | Athens

Santorini Menu:

  • Pantzaria Me Skordalia: Roasted Beets from Stillman's Farm with Garlic-Potato Spread using veggies from Siena Farm

  • Greek-Baked Red's Best White Fish with Ultra Crispy Roasted Potatoes and Lemon-Oregano Sauce from Siena Farm

  • Melopita (Ricotta Honey Cake using Boston Honey Company honey and ricotta from Appleton Farms)

Athens Menu:

  • Dakos Salata (toasted bread, tomato, caper, and feta salad sourcing from Stillman's Farm and Appleton Farms)

  • Greek-Style Split Chestnut Farm Chicken with Tzaziki and Seasonal Roasted Vegetables from Siena Farm

  • Ergolavi (Greek Almond Cookies) using Almonds from Q's Nuts

Both menus can be made vegetarian and gluten free, but not vegan. Please email to let us know if you need a vegetarian or gluten free option or to alert us to any allergies. Please note that The KITCHEN is not a certified gluten free or nut free facility and cross contamination is possible.

Our hands-on cooking classes are structured as a group learning experience; you’ll work with other students to create a seasonal meal led by our professional chef instructors. We focus on learning new cooking styles and techniques to increase your confidence and enjoyment in your own kitchen. Here are a few things to know before booking a class with us:

  • Each class is centered on the local, seasonal farmers and artisans of the Boston Public Market, so menus may change slightly based on what’s available the day of the event.

  • During each class, you’ll learn 2 or 3 recipes, you’ll work with between 2 and 4 other students to create each one, and you’ll enjoy a plentiful taste of each.

  • Classes are usually between 2 and 2.5 hours long, unless otherwise noted.

  • Please be prepared to be on your feet, standing at a table, and cooking for the duration of class.

  • We recommend comfortable, non-slip, and closed-toe shoes.

Tickets: $60 for Trustees member and $75 for Non-Trustees Members. Members must bring their current member card and number. Join The Trustees and save! Members save between 20-40% off all classes in The KITCHEN.

About Chef Alexis Daniels

Alexis began catering at 13-years-old in the San Francisco Bay Area, and launched her own private catering company at 16. Rather reluctantly, she closed her business and uprooted to chilly Boston to earn a BA in Anthropology, Community Health, and Fine Art from Tufts University. Delighted to learn food does in fact grow here too, she stayed a while longer and earned her Master’s in Occupational Therapy. After testing the waters in rehabilitation hospitals, clinics, and schools, she decided the kitchen best suits her creative, culinary mind! 

These days, she is Enrichment Programs Manager at the Acera School, a founding member of Eastie Farm (the neighborhood’s first non-profit urban farm), and an avid world traveller. Alexis is excited to extend her love of global cuisines to students at the Boston Public Market, through classes highlighting New England’s highest quality local food.

About The Trustees and The KITCHEN

As one of the largest owners of agricultural land and the premier steward of the cultural and natural landscape of Massachusetts, The Trustees extends its leadership to transform the local food system by connecting residents and visitors back to the land and sharing the Commonwealth’s collective agrarian heritage through innovative retail and educational experiences at the Boston Public Market in the heart of downtown Boston.

The KITCHEN is a community gathering place, managed by The Trustees, that is restoring the craft of seasonal cooking in Massachusetts, New England, and beyond through hands-on classes and educational experiences that celebrate the farmers and artisans of this region.  Partnered with the Boston Public Market, The KITCHEN embraces a whole-food approach to eating and promotes cooking as an essential cornerstone of a sustainable food system. 

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