The Fifth Annual and FINAL Christmas Party for Make-A-Wish MA & RI

Ladies and Gentleman,

As we get ready for our 5th Annual Christmas Party for Make-A-Wish we have some news to share. Drum roll....this will be the last year that Max and I throw the party. We've learned a ton, had an amazing time doing it but now we live in different cities, both are interested in trying new things, and most importantly want to see the Christmas Party go out on top! The good news is we've saved the best for last....

The people and board have spoken so this year's party will be fancier, limited to the veterans of our past parties, and have another great band! Buy your tickets ASAP because we're only selling 250 of them(we sold 400 last year) so we'd expect them all to be gone in the first month!

Lastly Max, the board, and I would like to thank everyone for their support over the years and are looking forward to celebrating ONE MORE TIME FOR THE KIDS!

With Thanks,
Liam, Max, and the Board