Morphogenic Field Technique Standard Process Boston MA

Basic Seminar – nutritional and herbal focus (Standard Process/MediHerb)

The Morphogenic Field Technique is used to identify blockages to healing as well as truly natural solutions. We have been using our unique cell energy, immunity and toxicity “problem energy” test kits featuring “solutions” from Standard Process and MediHerb for many years to create the perfect environment for expanding and balancing a patient’s personal energy field.

After studying this easy-to-learn procedure, your patients will benefit from your ability to:

  • measure their Morphogenic Field both before and after the analysis and demonstrate their increased field energy.

  • understand the difference between foundational nutritional needs and clinical nutritional protocols and how to guide them in each.

  • use our unique Morphogenic proteins, target the nutritional needs of the cells and support the body for purification of toxins.

  • know the importance of fatty acids and how to balance them