Straw Into Gold: Making the Most of QGIS and other Cost-free GIS Resources - Fall 2018

Brief description:

This workshop, taught by deeply experienced instructor Brian Quinn, provides an introduction to some tools that can transition you from a consumer of mapping products toward a producer of maps and analyses based on them.

Assumed will be that you know something about working with maps on computers, geospatial data, and a geographic information system (GIS) even if it is proprietary, and that you bring experience that will contribute something meaningful to the workshop.

You want to learn how to work with and analyze mapped data yourself, and not justwatch as others work through the challenges and present their results? Have a particular problem that you’d like to solve with mapping technology? In three three-hour sessions we won’t get too advanced, but we will share some methods and get people started on solving their mapping problem in this workshop.

---- This class meets 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. for three sessions: Nov. 26; Dec. 3,10.

Workshop Includes:

  • A 1 year license of Esri's ArcGIS for personal use

  • Hands-on lab time and opportunity to work closely with the instructor

  • Certificate of Attendance and/or Completion, upon request

Important Notes:

  • The workshop venue may change based on classroom availability. Registered students will be given advance notice if this is the case.

  • If the workshop is held, as planned, at CCSF's Mission campus, computers will be provided for workshop exercises. Alternately, students are welcome to bring their own laptops.

  • If the workshop must be moved to another venue, students will be required to bring their own wi-fi enabled laptops to class, either a PC or a Mac. 

Instructor: Brian Quinn - you'll learn a ton from him in a short time.

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