LearnTogetherMN Innovation Showcase

LearnTogetherMN, along with the Start Early Funders Coalition, would like to welcome philanthropic partners  interested in early care and education issues to an “Innovation Showcase.” This is a chance to get an overview of the field of Minnesota’s early care and education and to dig into some of the most critical issues affect our early childhood care and education landscape. 

For several years, we’ve been bringing together community partners from throughout Minnesota to “learn together” about what’s working, what’s not, and what’s missing in the early care and education efforts supporting Minnesota families with young children. Our November meeting is open to philanthropic partners already involved in this work, and those just interested in learning more. Topics to be covered include:

  • Impact of philanthropy: how private investments leveraged public investments and policy changes in the early care and education system in Minnesota

  • What the research tells us about what matters for young children

  • Demographic snapshot of Minnesota’s young children

  • Overview of the early care and education programs in Minnesota

  • Innovations and gaps in early care and education