Quantum Computing: Technology Nirvana or Security Armageddon?

Quantum Computing:
Technology Nirvana or Security Armageddon?

Quantum computing promises to create the most fundamental change in the history of computing. The increases in processing power and speed will enable new capabilities that would take years — or maybe are simply not possible — using “classical” computing technologies. From molecular and financial modeling to weather forecasting and artificial intelligence, quantum computing represents the biggest advance in decades.

Perhaps the greatest impact — and most dangerous threat — will be in cryptography. Capable of instantly breaking today’s strongest data encryption algorithms, quantum computing is a major focus of governments, multinational corporations, and a growing number of startups around the globe. Theoretically, the first organization to build a quantum computer will have the power to break any existing security key anywhere, potentially wreaking havoc on entire societies, militaries, and economies. The race is on.

  • When will quantum computing find its way into production?

  • How will organizations be able to protect against potential misuse?

  • Has the US fallen behind other countries in the race for quantum computing?

Join us on November 15 to find out.



  • Alexei Marchenkov, Founder and CEO, Bleximo

  • Hratch Achadjian, Quantum Computing & AI, Head of Business Development – North America, Google