Stereotypes and Perceptions of Gender Equality in Global Corporations

The French Consulate and the Women Initiative Foundation (WIF) cordially invite you to the presentation of a large European Study on Stereotypes and Perceptions of Gender Equality in Global Corporations.

In the presence of Emmanuel Lebrun-Damiens, Consul General of France in San Francisco, Martine Liautaud, Founder and President of the WIF Foundation, will disclose together with Julie le Cardinal, Professor Researcher at CentraleSupelec, the results of this exclusive study. Nolwenn Godard, WIF Director of West Coast Operations, will bring her perspective on the comparisons with the American situation.

This research was carried out on 2400 managers, women and men of 4 global companies: L’Oréal, BNP, ENGIE et ORACLE, and across 3 European countries: France, Germany and Italy. WIF also had access to similar data collected by the Clayman Institute (Stanford University, CA) and highlighted similarities and differences between Europe and the USA. Results allow us to better understand the barriers to the professional evolution of women in large corporations and identify levers to act in favor of equality at every hierarchical level.

The mission of WIF is to promote the advancement of women in the workplace and in the economy, by a variety of actions including engaging women and men in conversations that address challenges and opportunities women face in different industries.