Parenting the Love and Logic Way | Fall 18

12 Sept     Putting an End to Arguing, Back Talk, and Begging {Session 1}  Put an end to hassles and arguments to provide reasonable, healthy limits.

26 Sept       Teaching Responsibility Without Losing Their Love {Session 2}  Provide really firm, loving limits to hold kids to truly high behavioral expectations.

10 Oct          Setting Limits Without Waging War {Session 3} Get kids to listen without repeated warnings or bribes to help build kids’ internal controls.

24 Oct         AvoidingPower Struggles {Session 4} Avoid control battles by exercising really healthy control with kids.

07 Nov         Guiding Kids to Own & Solve Their Problems {Session 5} Self-esteem and personal responsibility are key for children’s success in the real world-- techniques will teach kids to think critically to thrive.

14 Nov         Teaching Kids to Complete Chores…Without Reminders or Pay {Session 6}  Contributions to the family are the foundation of kids doing things to feel good about themselves…and the trash gets taken out!