ALC Clinic with Mark Brenneman

The North Central Region Proudly Presents:

ALC CLINIC with Mark Brenneman


 ALC Clinic for Market Center Leadership

Operating Principals, Team Leaders, Market Center Administrators, Productivity Coaches

November 13th 9am-5pm (8:30am registration begins):

  • Learn to construct a powerful ALC

  • Learn how to prepare your ALC to lead committees

  • Examine the systems and structures of great ALC meetings

  • Develop facilitation skills through an action-driven strategy

  • Prepare for your leadership role in the ALC Clinic for ALCs

  • Acquire resources for building a great ALC team

Leadership teams should bring the following items to class:

  • Market center training calendar

  • Market center roster (with phone numbers)

  • “Top Down” report – aka the YTD Closed Production report

  • Contact information for any allied resources who can help your ALC members get on a P&L using tools like QuickBooks


ALC Clinic for ALCs + Leadership

OP's, TL's, MCA's, PC's, ALC members, Potential ALC members

Novermber 14th 9am-5pm (Registration begins 8:30am)

  • Delve into your opportunities to achieve through membership on the ALC

  • Experience actions that can help you grow your passive income, increase your productivity, accurately project your net income, and create a company you would never want to leave


Market Center Leadership (OP's, TL'S & MCA'S, PC's ONLY):  $199pp (+Eventbrite fees) for DAY 1 & 2

ALCs and non-ALC associates:  $124pp (+Eventbrite fees) for day 2 only




**MONDAY November 6th-Last Day To Register**

**No refunds (unless emergency) 7 days prior to the event, no credits or transfers for future classes **