2nd Annual Immersive Technology in Sports & Entertainment Summit 2018

2nd Annual Immersive Technology in Sports & Entertainment Summit 2018
San Francisco, 13th-14th November 2018

Emerging Technologies. Fan Engagement. VR / AR / MR. Artificial Intelligence. Blockchain. Investment Strategy. Commercial Application.

Across two days the 2nd Annual Immersive Technology in Sports & Entertainment Summit 2018 brings together Senior Executives from across the sports, entertainment and technology ecosystems.

Working with the leading sports clubs, rights holders, broadcasters and technology powerhouses the summit is designed to break down and identify the greatest challenges and opportunities for immersive technology within elite sport - Fan Engagement, Elite Performance, Global Brand Development, User Experience, E-Gaming - Commercial Partnerships. Critically though, it goes to the heart of monetization strategies to realize the huge market potential for Immersive Technology in Sport.

Why Now? 

2018 is shaping up to be the breakthrough year for Immersive Technology and Sport. With a market potential in excess of $100Billion, the opportunities for growth are enormous.

From live VR broadcasts and fan engagement experiences to VR training, billions of fans and athletes across the world will engage with immersive sports content. Despite much impressive early innovation there is still a paucity of content for the regular sports fan to consume. This is in large part due to the technical challenges and costs sports organisations face in generating VR content and experiences and the barriers consumers still face in accessing VR. The key question facing the sports industry is understanding which immersive technologies will come out on top, and then identifying what the most effective strategies to implement and monetize them may be.

The Summit brings together the senior stakeholders from the biggest clubs, associations, athletes, broadcasters and brands alongside the leaders in technology, innovation and big data to identify how to activate, apply and monetise immersive tech in the sports arena.