NERVOUS/SYSTEM is the third project in a triptych of new performance works by OBIE award-winning performer, writer and interactive-electronics artist Andrew Schneider and recurring collaborators with a core ensemble of collaborators (following YOUARENOWHERE and AFTER) that create rapid-fire existential meditations using physics lectures, pop culture and personal revelations to dissect subjects ranging from quantum mechanics and parallel universes to missed connections and AA recovery steps. Using an array of complex visual and aural effects to produce a fluid, shifting landscape of sensory overload, these three projects transform the physical performance space and warp linear time to short-circuit preconceived notions of individual perspective and what it means to be here now.

NERVOUS/SYSTEM specifically follows the trajectories of seven individual and entirely disparate narratives throughout the history of the planet and explores how interconnected all events truly are. Borrowing concepts from physics and philosophy like loop gravity, eternalism and block time, the narrative structure of NERVOUS/SYSTEM attempts to collapse linear time, putting effect before cause and pushing us to think about our realities and how we as humans affect one another in profoundly new ways.

Credit: NERVOUS/SYSTEM with Alicia ayo Ohs and Andrew Schneider. Photo by Andrew Schneider.