Wise Women Lead - Renew Your Passion and Purpose


Renew Your Passion and Purpose

Are you a thoughtful, dynamic woman who is making a positive difference in this world?

Join us to attune to the highest wisdom of your work. Step into 2019 by renewing your passion and aligning your purpose to thrive.

This unique program helps wise women leaders become masterful change agents in a world with new rules, new pressures and a new normal.

Learn and practice ways to improve your energy, actions and awareness to stay resilient and inspired. 

In this program, you will apply key questions and elements to:

  • Release stress and renew your passion

  • Breakthrough obstacles and enhance your creativity

  • Clarify your direction and align with your soul-filled purpose

  • Strengthen your power to be an agent for change

Leave with a clear plan to move into your Best Year Yet™!

This program includes one in-person day training + five online trainings, and dynamic conversations using the Move As One™game, Your Wise Move.

Begins Friday, November 9, 2018 from 10am - 4pm, Online meetings are from 4-5:30pm Nov 29, Dec 13, Jan 3, 17, 31.

Move As One certification includes programs 2-4. However, programs 1 & 2 are free standing.

Program 2 = Improve Decisions with Intuition and Insight, Program 3 = Engage and Facilitate Others, Program 4 = Cultivate Whole System Change.

This program series provides you with proven, powerful transformation tools and games to strengthen, energize and focus individuals and groups. Be a masterful change agent within your organization or join our team of Move As One consultants for greater impact!