Swedish K-5 Language Program in Marin Sunday Fall 2018

Swedish K-5 Language Program on Sunday  Fall  2018, 5-10 years old

Teacher: Hanna Abuhelal  

Day/time: Sunday 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM

Dates: August  26 - December 9. The schoolyear runs from August 26 -June 9, with a 4-week break for Christmas.

Cost: $525/school year (please see below) or $425/semester

Please note there is no class on September 2 (Labour Day Weekend), October 14 and November 25 (Thanksgiving)

Class description: The main goal is for children to advance their Swedish language skills, and to gain a better understanding of Swedish geography, history and culture through art & craft projects, Swedish games, school work, conversation, circle time, and free play. Students should understand and speak some Swedish upon enrollment. Please send fruit with your child.

Cost for children turning 6 years old before December 31, 2018 and older: 
$525 for the school year 2018/19. 
We receive a stipend from the Swedish Skolverket for children who turn 6 before December 31, 2018. To qualify, it is also a requirement that at least one of the parents is a Swedish citizen. 

Cost for children who turn 6 years old after December 31, 2018
$425 for the semester.

Please note it is compulsory for all families to act as teacher's aid twice during each sememster. More details and a sign up list with available dates will be provided before the start of the semester.

Please complete the form to enroll in class (one form per student). Students cannot attend classes before the form is completed and signed. Print it out and bring it to the first day of classes.