4 Easy Steps To Get Your Employees Excited About Change (Webinar)

Are you ready to learn the 4 Easy Steps To Get Your Employees Excited About Change!?

Join me for a powerful 45-minute Webinar where you'll learn:

  1. What role you as the boss have in getting your employees open and excited about change

  2. The REAL reasons why your employees resist change

  3. The 4 simple action steps to get your employees excited about change and NOT choose the ‘status-quo’

And so much more as I'm sharing my 4 Easy Steps that are used by my clients to generate enthusiasm and commitment for their change initiatives!

**Webinar is recorded so that you can watch it from your phone/computer whenever it works for you!**


Dr. Heather Williamson, Transformational Leadership Coach

Dr. Heather is a business psychologist who specializes in leadership coaching and is the owner of Transformation Group, LLC, a leading growth and performance firm. For the past ten years, she has worked with business owners and CEOs who struggle with getting their employees do the job they pay them to do and instead help them improve efficiencies within their team so they can boost their productivity and revenue while doing the money making tasks they love to do.

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"I am so grateful for my time with you. Your insight and experience helped me to move further away from transactional leadership and to another level of transformational leadership. You facilitated my discovery of stronger self-awareness and more strategic thinking which aided me in taking advantage of available opportunities...there was growth in my personal presence which led me to be recognized more by senior management and peers.

We are all better because you listened, identified the needs and offered impactful ways to face and overcome challenges. The transformation is tangible and I owe it all to you."

- Carolyn Francis, AVP, Operations & Initiatives


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