Reiki Certification - Level 1

Reiki Training and Certification Course

Level 1 Certification- One-Day Class

Class conducted by Jenny @ TriLuminous

What is Reiki and the Benefits of It?

Reiki (pronounced “Ray-kee”) is a spiritual, vibrational healing practice used to promote balance of the mind, body and spirit. It is a simple and powerful hands-on healing technique that creates balance and harmony within mind, body, and spirit. The word “Reiki” comes from two Japanese characters or kanji. The top character “Rei” means “universal soul or spirit” and “ki” means “energy.” Together the two words represent “universal life-force energy.”

As a healing method, Reiki uses an energy transmittal system in which the Reiki practitioner draws energy from the universe, spirit and then transfers this energy through the hands to the self or another. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks are dissolved with Reiki, bringing people greater health and overall wellbeing. Reiki works with the body's innate wisdom to facilitate healing where and how it is needed. Reiki is currently being offered worldwide in many respected clinics and hospitals.

This course will provide the basic information and certification in Level 1 Reiki. Course Outline:

What is Reiki, History and the Benefits of Healing

  • How to quickly Master the 7 spiritual concepts behind Reiki

  • How to easily prepare for the proper use of Reiki

  • Protection and Clearing

  • Basic Hand Positions

  • How to "Reiki self-treatment"

  • Seven Major Chakras

  • How to "Treat Others"

  • How to Rapid Reiki Treatment...

  • How to “Group Reiki Treatment”

  • How to “Family Healing”

  • Level 1 Attunement

  • Level 1 Certificate

Cost for this One-Day Course is $175.  Includes all class material, manual, lunch and certification.  If book is not needed, fee is reduced by $20.  Those wanting a refresher and already certified, the fee to attend is $50 (excludes book).


Jenny is an intuitive/psychic reader, hypnotist, life coach, healer and Reiki Master.