2018 SPARK Impact Awards

Join SPARK Boston on Thursday, June 21 as we come together to...

Celebrate the contribution of millennials to our city. Millennials make up nearly half the city’s work force and approximately 45 percent of eligible voters. We are an economic engine, adding $1 billion annually in goods and services to Boston. This is our night to shine.

​Shine a spotlight on young adults doing outstanding work to improve the City of Boston. From dedicated public servants to innovative social entrepreneurs, this demographic comprises some of our city's most civic minded citizens. Come hear their stories, learn about their work, and find out how you can get involved.

Have a GREAT time. When Boston's young leaders come together, we create community and celebrate each other's excellence. RSVP today and visit our website for news and updates on the 2018 #SPARKImpact Awards!

We want to offer a huge THANK YOU to our partners and sponsors for helping to make this year's SPARK Impact Awards bigger and better than ever: