Insights Deeper Discovery 2018

“The Deeper Discovery workshop was a transformational experience for me and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in starting, or continuing, a journey of self-exploration. Using an archetype framework, the personalized feedback is incredibly powerful and unlike other self-discovery tools. Using positive language designed to make you reflect about the legacy you leave behind, the workshop will give you information about your individual preferences, your potential, and how you may be perceived in the workplace. During the workshop I gained greater self-understanding, and I left with a new mindset and a more intentional focus about my desired career path." 

-Kelly, Workshop participant

Unlock Individual & Team Potential

Build on the simple and accessible Insights® Discovery model.

Explore individual self-worth, team dynamics, and leadership effectiveness.

Enhance a long-term program of development.

Develop a profound level of self-understanding to transform your life and your work.

Understand what drives and motivates others. Become a more authentic and inspiring leader.

This workshop is designed for those who desire to stretch themselves and grow personally and professionally. You will be working in an intimate and friendly setting with Dr. Jean Davidson and Margaret Smith, Insights Licensed Practitioners.