The KW Effect

Get purposeful and become a KW stakeholder.

  • Insights about your true OWNERSHIP STAKE in KW and how to #TakeOwnership!

  • How to become empowered to communicate the KW value proposition at the hightest level through powerful and authentic conversations.

  • To fully understand the wealth building power of KW profit share, how to get your #UnfairShare, and truly begin building a #LifeByDesign

Aaron Kaufman is a KW Growth Coach our of Atlanta, GA., who has personally sponsored the 2nd  most agents ever to KWRI (#1 on that one of his recruits)!!  If you want to be truly inspired and empowered to have more authentic and powerful conversations about Keller Williams with a recruit, and get more purposeful about building wealth through KW profit share and get your UNFAIR SHARE......this class is a must attend!