Data Warehousing and Data Lake Analytics


When: May 23 | 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM PT (2:00 PM - 2:45 PM ET)

Level 300 | Use Case How To

Data lakes are being used as a complementary data store for data warehouses, but how do you analyze data across both your data warehouse and data lake without moving data? In this session, we will discuss best practices on how to discover, prepare, and analyze data in your data lake without transforming or loading it into your data warehouse. We’ll look at examples on how to join and query across data sets to provide unique insights that you would not be able to obtain by querying independent data silos.

Learning Objectives: 
• Learn how to discover and prepare your data lake for analytics
• See how you can query across your data warehouse and data lake without moving data
• Understand use cases that give you freedom to store data where you want and analyze it when you need it

Who Should Attend: Technical Decision Makers, IT Managers, Data Warehouse Administrators, Data Analysts, Data Lake Administrators

Speaker(s): Ben Snively, Solutions Architect - Data and Analytics, AWS