Joule U . Planning and Promoting Meetings & Events 1.0

Tuesday . May 22 . 10:00A-11:30A

Why Bother. What to Offer. When to Start. Where to Host. How to Promote.

This class will cover what you need to know if you’re thinking about or actually planning a meeting or event for your micro business, startup, coop or nonprofit. From concept through communication to completion, you’ll learn what’s important and when it’s important. We’ll discuss topics and venues. Online registration platforms like Meetup, Eventbrite and Brown Paper Tickets. What to charge. Handling payments. Get your questions answered if you’re planning a meeting or event.

Cost: Complimentary

Guest Lecturer: Jackie Menne—Micro Advocate, Publisher MB2MB Magazine + Guide. Background in Media, Marketing, Writing and Design. Worked for big companies, big brands and big shots. Retail giants. Consumer goods. Music industry. Stopped moonlighting many moons ago and founded SYNERGY Advertising. B2C . B2B . MB2MB

Hosted by [Joule MB2MB
Hosted at Nicholson WIN Center 3rd Floor .
[George Latimer Central Library] Saint Paul . 90 W 4th St.
Convenient Location.
On Street Parking. [Map] Use easy pay [Mobile App].
Ramp Parking. [Map] Science Museum closest. River Center connected by skyway and tunnel.